Working with students from preschool through the college selection process involves similar procedural steps, but the substance of each search is unique to each student. Not only is this a time for you to understand each school, but it is also a time for you to examine your child's needs and expectations, while also exploring your own goals as a parent.  It is a time of reflection for the entire family as you work as a unit to promote your child's interests, passions, and needs. With the guidance of Schoolsearch, this process is one to be enjoyable, exciting, interesting, and most importantly, rewarding.

By evaluating your child's strengths and deficits, we will help differentiate each facility's philosophy to ease the stress for you when selecting a proper placement.

After an initial Schoolsearch "intake" session to review records, and discuss interests and desires, a preliminary list of schools that will help your child meet these expectations will be created. Schoolsearch will make these recommendations, based on her experiences and the philosophy and teaching techniques of each school being considered.

When you determine that you are applying to an independent day school, boarding school, or college, a specific process must take place. In order to make our initial conference more productive, it is essential that you bring or send Schoolsearch the following:

• Seeking elementary or high school placement

• Report cards for the last three years (if appropriate)

• Previous testing - SSAT, ISEE, ERB, etc.

• Neuropsychological, WISC, WPPSI, WAIS

• List of activities that your student has been involved with in and outside of school

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